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From well vision exams for eyewear and contact lenses, to eye disease diagnosis, treatment and management, our courteous and professional staff will assist you and your family.

Because eyesight is your most important sense.

Q: Why is it important to get regular eye exams?
A: Problems with your eyes or your vision can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Regular eye exams are a very important part of preventing problems, before they damage your eyes. Your eyes care practitioner can diagnose and treat problems before they progress and even prevent permanent vision loss. To keep your vision and eyes healthy, early diagnosis is the key.

A thorough eye exam yields far more information than you might expect. Not only does it provide your eye care practitioner with information to diagnose and treat eye conditions, but it can also provide insight into your general health.

The best time to see an eye care practitioner is BEFORE your vision gets blurry. Experts advise children have their eyes examined at six months, three years, before school begins, and every year going forward. Adults are encouraged to see their eye care practitioner one to two times a year, and annually after the age of 60. Contact lens wearers should be seen at least once a year. Regular exams from infancy through adulthood help ensure a lifetime of healthy vision.

Q: Who should get their eyes examined?
A: Everyone! No matter your age or physical health, eye exams are essential for everybody. They’re vital for maintaining optimal eye health.

CHILDREN: To ensure appropriate eye development and to assess the need for vision correction, children should have regular eye exams.

ADULTS: To keep prescriptions current and to monitor eyes for early signs of disease, adults should have regular eye exams.

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We offer a wide variety of ophthalmic frames. Designer eyewear, sports eyewear, and even pediatric eyewear. Also, offer a wide variety of ophthalmic lenses and coatings to meet all your vision needs.

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Find explanations and answers concerning many common vision conditions ocular diseases.

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We also participate in numerous medical plans such as SecureHorizons, Texas True Choice, Amerigroup, First Health, Lumenos, etc.